Thursday, March 10, 2011

More's a climate of change...

Today saw the surprise exit of Clearwire's CEO, as well as reporting that Clearwire is being sued for throttling internet speeds for residential users - You may recall that Comcast went through this and it was pretty embarrassing.  I'm assuming the two items are related...  It also looks as if LEAP Wireless will be getting some new leadership -- and that could be a healthy thing for everyone.  

Speaking of healthy, if our government gets it right we may see a little reduction in taxes related to wireless services -- but I'm not holding my breath -- the Fed's performance lately has me wondering...I am very optimistic that we'll be seeing more of this though -- using wireless to assist seniors and family with health care issues -- from cell phones to applications to some research by the NIH.  As this technology becomes more ubiquitous, and as developers gather inertia, I think we're in for some super ideas that really make a difference in our lives...

One thing that's always been true in the wireless sector -- change is a constant!!!


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  1. Kinda makes ya wanna throttle them, does it not? Anyway good post.